my French Venus

February 28, 2012

the good people at “Hey” invited me to paint on one of their blank, plaster Venus sculptures.











it’s for a Parisian breast cancer fundraising organization. they send the blanks out all over the world to a bunch of groovy artists like me. we do our thing, then the pieces are all auctioned off.

she showed up in a nasty particle board crate a couple months ago, and leaves again for Paris tomorrow. but this time she’s got a bit of colour in her cheeks (and all over the rest of her). also, she sports a nice measure of cock-eyed insanity.









my pal Ray (across the hall from me) said he was going to sneak into the crate and tag along. bring some sandwiches, Ray! and bon voyage!

One Response to “my French Venus”

  1. cody Says:

    turned out rad, great cause to.

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