Paris Print

March 23, 2012

forty dave cooper characters for Paris, 2011
is a 1-colour fine art Serigraph Print that was made to commemorate my visit to Paris in September of 2011. i was there attending a really exciting group show put on by the amazing “Hey” magazine. Hey is a wonderful periodical that chronicles the goings on of weird painters like myself… but Hey is also an amazing group of people! they put on an incredible show, and were terrific hosts. i have numbered Prints 44/85 – 85/85

“forty dave cooper characters for Paris, 2011″
Serigraph Print, edition of 85
19.5 x 27.5”
Rivoli paper, acid free, 280 gr. 1 colour

4 Responses to “Paris Print”

  1. seanvdm Says:

    gorgeous print, Dave! wish I could afford it (a damn fine price point for a print that big though). pen and ink, I take it?

  2. the original drawings were actually graphite on yupo paper! they look just like ink, but it’s way more fun and there’s way more control when drawing.

  3. Dave ; I love your work [ an obsession in the great tradition of Lachaise , Frazetta , Vargas , etc. ]
    But when are you going to issue some prints of your greatest hits, especially from your Overbite and Underbelly period. I’d love to see [ and buy ] prints of your paintings ” Traffic” , ” Wrestling Girls” ,
    ” They Like Gums” , ” Pig Tails” , ” Three on the Beach” , ” They Like Mouths” , ” Girls of Avenue 12″
    ” Angie Cameltoe ” , ” Valentine’s Day ” . Some of my favorites.
    Eagerly awaiting limited or unlimited edition prints,your drooling fan ,Charles Robins [ checkbook ready ]

  4. thanks charles! keep checking back for more additions to the Prints section!!

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