Cycle gicleé

April 27, 2012

this panoramic print is from an ink drawing that was laid on canvas and tinted with thin oil glazes. it chronicles the beautiful life cycle of the characters in my universe, right from when they sprout out of a bud, through till when they are eaten and shit out, and finally to where their spirits inhabit the buds from which they sprout. interestingly, this piece will link up with itself horizontally so that they can be laid end to end, continuing the life cycle FOREVER. (try it with photohop- there’s just one dumb part that i didn’t colour right!)

Cycle gicleé
42 x 11″
gicleé print on Somerset Velvet,
edition of 100

2 Responses to “Cycle gicleé”

  1. cody Says:

    Really cool

  2. A triumph, frankly.

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