Peering Over/Looking Back, pt 8 (final).

June 13, 2012

ah, that last day. just reaping the rewards of all those days and days of figuring and hair-pulling. validation that you DID know what you were doing after all. during the whole process i do my best to keep the well-defined things somewhat obscure, and to keep the diffuse, ill-defined things readable and palpable. it’s like making everything work in the middle where there are no absolute darks or lights. but then at the very end i allow myself those intensities where they’re absolutely necessary and where they’ll make things pop.

2 Responses to “Peering Over/Looking Back, pt 8 (final).”

  1. cody Says:

    looks so good, thanks for sharing.

  2. senelag Says:

    aah everything looks edible! love the colours of the ground and the face of the looking back-person became so much better at that last process photo

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