Uglydolls Inks pt 6

November 14, 2013

here’s the sixth and final part of that Uglydolls comic strip in which Mynus makes it back home to bake the Treeberry Pie, thereby completing the circle.


Uglydolls Inks pt 6

graphite on polypropylene, 13 x 11.5″

$200 (shipping/handling included)


Uglydolls Inks pt 5

November 12, 2013

here’s the FIFTH part of that Uglydolls comic strip I did a while back. in this one Tray belches Mynus all the way across the PAGE!!


Uglydolls Inks pt 5

graphite on polypropylene, 13 x 8.5″

$140 (shipping/handling included)


Earmuffs Print

November 2, 2013

this is an Eddy Table Print i made for a recent ottawa gallery show. i’ll be offering it officially soon, but for now i happen to have two laying around- so i thought i’d post them now. this is Eddy between the ass cheeks of Kari, one of the characters from my upcoming Norwegian short film.

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 11.24.12 AM copy

Earmuffs Print, 4 and 5 of 100

gicleĆ© print on UltraSmooth Fine Art paper, 17x 27″

$100 (shipping/handling included)


UGLYDOLLS inks pt 1

November 1, 2013

here is the first of six UGLYDOLLS pages i did a while back.


Uglydolls pt. 1

graphite on polypropylene, 13×8.5″

(some residual non-repro blue printer ink)

$200 (shipping/handling included)