A Large Sketch

September 13, 2016

a large sketch


graphite on polypropylene, 12.5×19″
$140 (shipping + handling included)

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4 Responses to “A Large Sketch”

  1. Hanna Says:

    Such a smooth surface, would love to draw on something like that! I looked it up and it seems most of it is for printers, is that what you use? Does the graphite smudge a lot? Do you have to treat it some way afterwards? Anyway, great drawings, would love to see some new paint though!

    • i’m glad you like it, Hanna. yes, it does smudge, i have to be really careful while drawing, then afterward i spray it with a fixative. not sure about Yupo’s different products, i bought mine online, it was called simply “sheet, bright white” i get them in big 26×40″ sheets, 74lb.

  2. Dave Cooper Says:

    my pleasure, i can’t emphasize enough how terrific it is.

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