Six Eyes

December 7, 2017

BIG HALF-PRICE CHRISTMAS DEAL! i recently unearthed this piece, perfect for that special someone who just seems to have everything!

six eyes 12.25x12
six eyes, 2017
watercolor and graphite on fine art watercolor paper
12.25″ x 12″


2 Responses to “Six Eyes”

  1. Brandy Sayles Says:

    Dave, this six eyes water color is amazing! I see it is has already been sold. Do you have something like this in your archives around this price range? Don’t need it right away, looking for a Christmas gift for my aunt. She is that “someone who seems to have everything”. She lives in Indiana and last time I was there for a visit, I showed her your work. She was quite impressed. She is an artist as well. She made a career at an ad agency and also worked freelance for her now husband doing storyboards for a trilogy of movies that premiered at Cannes back in the late 80’s early 90’s, so I know she would be thrilled to have a piece of your artwork. Let me know.

    • so nice to hear from you, Brandy! and i’m honoured that you’d want me to make something for your aunt. she sounds very cool. i don’t have anything similar at the moment, but i’d be happy to make something new. i’ll email you. all the best, d

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