my studio, 6am

March 22, 2012

i always say- the only thing that could improve this place is if i opened the drapes and was looking down on Central Park- click to enlarge

scene from the throne

March 8, 2012

DaveGraphics logo?

January 27, 2012

sayyyyyyyyy, what is that on my studio door, anyway?

ahhhhhhh, it’s Lily’s first drawing of me with accurate facial hair!!

thanks, Lil!

there’s nothing quite like ottawa during its fabled wintertime. and particularly on days like today, the streets are like an enchanted network of skidmarks criss-crossing an enormous pair of undies!

my clarity

January 24, 2012

i don’t get to play these babies too often at the studio. just times when i’m sure no one else is in the building. but just having them there during the day is such a pleasure. it reminds me of how when i play, it’s like meditation- everything else just disappears and i have clarity inside my head. (they’re vintage Ludwigs, by the way. about the same vintage as me- late ’60s)