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14 Responses to “CONTACT”

  1. david Says:

    Hi Dave
    I’m a huge fan. I super psyched you have a new blog. WordPress is great. You should add the subscribe2 widget so us fans can get all your posts via email.

  2. david, thanks so much for letting me know you’re enjoying the blog! that’s awesome. and i’ll add the subscribe thing, that’s a great idea. please feel free to contact me with any other suggestions- i’m still figuring out all this stuff!

  3. hey david, i sent an email to your toast23 acct. let me know if you don’t get it…

  4. Hi Dave,
    I’m so happy with this new blog!
    You seems to update it more often than your last one. ^____^

  5. Mathieu! thanks so much, i’m pleased that you’re enjoying it. are you the same Matthieu Beaulieu that i knew from Montreal??

  6. nathalia.mel Says:

    oiio jemte algum menino de 11 a 12 e 13 anos que tiver afim de namoo avisa aii
    meu nome é nathalia tenho 11 anos e moroo em curitiba bjs muito obrigada!!

  7. nathalia, i so sorry but i don’t speak Spanish. i hope you’re saying something nice, and if so- THANKS! tu amigo, dave

  8. David Bernal Says:

    Awesome work man! I am loving it!

  9. williamrobots Says:

    Your illustration style is absolutely amazing. It reminds me of sort of a very vintage, mid 1930’s, Max Fleischer style (around that era).

    Incredible artwork 😉

  10. thanks William Robots! i am a huge fan of the old Fleischer Cartoons! it makes me so happy when i walk in on my kids and they are (rarely) watching something like the Fleischer Popeye, or Superman. that stuff just warms my heart. there’s such character in those little masterpieces!

  11. Daniel Ginzburg Says:

    Hi Dave I absolutely love your work. amazing style!
    Do you have a Behance profile?

  12. Is the Eddy Table vinyl toy still available for sale?

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